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A friend of mine forwarded me an article from the BBC today, about James Martin apologising for forcing cyclists off the road. She thought the headline was funny, because my surname is Martin too. I can see her point, but this makes my blood boil.

See, what James Martin is apologising for is deliberately using his car to cause bodily harm to a group of individuals. He then claims that them all falling off their bikes was 'the best thing he'd ever seen in his rearview mirror'. Instead of a car, imagine he'd used a baseball bat. I mean, that's another thing that was never meant to be a weapon. Suppose he had deliberately hit someone with a baseball bat, and found them falling down 'the best thing he'd ever seen'. He wouldn't be writing about it in a national newspaper as a joke. There's a good chance he'd be arrested already.

I hope the cyclists involved were not too hurt. I hope the road rash they probably received has healed. And I wish people other than cyclists would realise that this is totally unacceptable. It's close to actual bodily harm, or intention to harm at least.

I have had my fair share of drivers try and run me off the road. It is not funny, it is my life they are playing with. An apology is just not going to cut it.