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Well, ok, that might be a little strong. In terms of my running it's been a bit disasterous, but actually it's just a cold. 

Yep, after feeling so positive in my last blog post, I managed a 2 mile treadmill run on Monday, then half an hour on the recumbant bike on Tuesday (no treadmills free!), then Tuesday night I started feeling horrible. Spent most of Wednesday asleep, other than when I woke up hungry, and have been more or less out of it since. I'm just getting to the stage where I feel mostly human again - I managed a day in the office yesterday, but didn't really achieve much. This morning I've woken up with no voice and a nice cough, so we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

I mean, I say disaster, but really last week was supposed to be a light week. Not THAT light maybe, but still. And I had another two long runs planned, so one of them will just have to bite the dust for me to recover this week. Hopefully I'll get a couple of shortish runs in by the end of this week - 3-6 miles maybe - then next week will be back on track for a 20 miler. After that my taper is supposed to start (eek! Getting really close!). 

I knew I couldn't stay healthy for September all the way to January. I'm just glad I got as much of my training plan done as I have. There's no point giving myself a hard time over this either, there's nothing I can do about it that I'm not already doing (lemsip, sleeping lots, staying warm, good food...) and stressing will just make it worse. So fingers crossed this is just giving my legs time to recover, and I'll be back up and running soon as.