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Lazy run

I was feeling a little lazy this morning, so I told myself it was a perfect day for a dawdling run taking photos. What follows is a picture-heavy post!

I ignored the first mile, that's just houses and pavement and stuff. Yawn. This is the part it starts to get interesting. 


Across the road

Yup, the oil seed rape is out, and all the other vegetation has gone woomf. Plays a bit of havoc with the hayfever, but the various drugs seem to be working ok at the moment.

Through the undergrowth

The top bit of path might be a little overgrown. It's been dry for a bit now - I've been running it in trail shoes until today.


This is from the top of the field shown above, looking back towards Brighton. Look! You can see the sea!


Turning 180 degrees, this is towards Lewes. The road follows the ridge between the two valleys. Makes it breezy. 

Amex Stadium

Same spot, just down the hill. I get the view of the other side of the Amex Stadium from my office. Personally, I think it nestles in there pretty well, but I know it isn't universally popular. 


The first view of Falmer. You wouldn't believe from this picture that the A27 runs between the church and the white house on the hill behind. 

Village Pond

I was trying to get a shot of the church and the pond and the trees and everything. It didn't quite line up. Back on pavement here, the running takes a little less concentration with better footing. 

Dual carriageway

From the footbridge across the aforementioned A27. Today was such a lovely morning even a busy dual carriageway looks kind of nice! Well, kind of. 

I should have taken a picture of the Falmer village pub too, because it was looking very picturesque. The rest of the route is along the A27 slip road before I turn into campus, so not so pretty. Still, not a bad little run on a day like this. 

Here's the elevation profile, for them as likes that sort of thing (me!):

Yay for sunshine!