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Brighton support crew

This weekend was the Brighton marathon, and no, I wasn't running it. I'm sure it's lovely, but for some reason it doesn't appeal. I think it's the long bit along the seafront. Bit exposed to the elements for my liking (and I've been along it in enough different weather conditions to know). 

That freed me up to do something that I've been the happy recipient of in quite a startling number of races now: supporting!

We made a banner, of course. We knew a couple of people running it so we mentioned them, and then went with our favourite "Go total stranger go!" - totally borrowed off a spectator at the Disney marathon, but it suits. We cycled on down to around 9.2 miles, which is at the top of the worst hill on the course and just after they've turned around to head back along the seafront. Conveniently it's also the closest point on the course to home. We unfurled our banner and in a way that is most unlike either of us we spent the next hour and a half shouting and cheering like loons. 

We saw a lot of people of all shapes, sizes, speeds and comfort levels. The further through the pack we got, the more smiles and waves we got. People with headphones missed us totally, even when we called their names. It was really fun, and I recommend everyone tries it. It makes a difference to the runners and it was great watching them smile at our sign. 

To the man who by 9.2 miles already had big blood stains on his tshirt - I really hope you got plasters at the next medical station. To the guy with the tiger on his back - your shoulders must be killing you today. And to the chap who works in the Bridge Cafe at Sussex Uni and was running as a Thunderbird - I'm sorry, I didn't recognise you without the beard. To everyone we saw - you all rocked. Hope you all made it!

I'm so going to be running another one. Eventually. After the PhD. Yeah.