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Dandelion and fairies

I got a new tattoo.

Dandelion and fairies

I know tattoos are divisive. Some love them, some really don't. Clarkie, in fact, really doesn't get it at all. But as she pointed out, it's my (pale and pasty!) leg. 

I do quite like tattoos. I like abstract ones, that add to the body under them. I don't like wearing my heart on my sleeve - I'm not good on public displays of affection, or letting just anyone know what's going on. It's just not very me. Both my tattoos - this one and my previous one on my shoulder - are in places where I can choose whether to show them or not. 

Dandelion and fairies

So why a dandelion? There are lots of potential reasons, aren't there? A dandelion is strong and resilient - just ask any gardener. They are useful plants from root to flower. My cricket nickname was Weed. Honestly though? I was cycling home one night, and I was having a really fun ride. Cycling is often one of the highlights of my working day. And it occurred to me that it was my good, strong legs that let me do that and have that much fun, just like it's my good, strong legs that let me run. And I wanted to celebrate them, and the feeling of joyous freedom that I get thanks to them. So I did an image search for freedom and from the images returned it was the dandelion that leapt at me. 

I mulled it over for probably most of a year. I do that. It's a long term decision, it deserves a bit of consideration. A lot of the images I looked at had the dandelion fluff transforming to birds, or musical notes. That didn't feel right. 

Dandelion and fairies

The fairies, they did feel right. To me, it looks like the fairies have dived through the dandelion seed head, and pulled the fluff up in the draft behind them. These are for the side of me that still loves urban fantasy best of all - stories of magic amongst the mundane. The top one is Cobweb, the second one is Periwinkle. 

So yeah. I got a new tattoo.