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Return of the Trek

We've been having some lovely cycling weather just recently. Sadly though, after a long and muddy winter, Clara (my Long Haul Trucker) is in serious need of a really good strip down and clean. She chose to make this very clear by almost entirely seizing up. Message received, thank you Clara, but that's going to take a fair bit of time that I'm not sure when I'll have.

So, instead of that, an old friend has been reincarnated once again:


This is a bit of a halfway house of a reincarnation. The important bits work, but there's no way to change front gear, no front mudguard, the handlebars aren't the most comfy...

Tell you what though, riding it is FUN! Even across utterly unsuitable ground full of gravel and potholes. Especially when mountain bike riders come by and comment on how inappropriate your bike is for the surface. Oh yeah.