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Although I mostly use a standing desk these days, I still like to sit when I'm reading. I did have a small Ikea table to put my feet up on for a while, but then my supervisor took it back. In all fairness, it was hers, and she only took it back when she wasn't well and shouldn't really have been in so she could sit and read and put her feet up on it. 

So I was on the hunt for another footrest when the opportunity arose to pop into Ikea one Saturday! (We had a lovely lunch first with Kimberley - a friend from oop north who's got a lot easier to catch up with now she's moved to South London.) Sadly, it appears they don't make the table that I had been using, so we ended up looking at stools. I was going to buy a very cheap one, along with a cushion that I was intending to re-cover. Clarkie, however, talked me into this one instead:

Naked stool

This is the NILS stool. The top white bit is padded, so no extra cushions needed. Ikea sell a range of 4 different covers for it, the cheapest of which is a plain white one for £4. However, Clarkie also cunningly pointed out that I could make my own, and would in fact enjoy that far more than the bought ones.

How well she knows me. 

As it happens, I have a small stash of upholstery fabrics, garnered when a friend scored a whole heap of those fabric sample books that sofa shops keep to demonstrate all the different fabrics your sofa could come in. Now, I don't have much of any given fabric, and it turned out that the most common size of fabric I had wasn't long enough to cover any given side, so I had to get a bit inventive. This is the result:

Random cover

The floral fabric on the top is all golds and metalic. I can't imagine having an entire sofa covered in it, but I do rather like it. The blue-grey border was a piece that happened to be bigger than the others, which was handy. Ideally I'd probably have gone for a sage green, but that might not have stood out from the centre as well, and I didn't have any so it was a non-starter. The side panels all look roughly the same, but no two sides actually uses the same cream. There are some very different textures and thickenesses in there, which made the sewing more interesting. I split each piece and put a quarter of the herring bone down the middle, but they still weren't quite wide enough so I ended up adding more of the blue-grey at the edges. 

It's not perfect, but this will definitely work for a footstool. And the custom top will make me smile, with memories of the evening in the pub when the three of us divvied up the fabric, Clarkie knowing me well enough to not buy a cover, and of course the fun of putting the whole thing together. I can imagine that I'll need that kind of positivity boost over the next year and a half! 

(Of course, part of me is already planning the next cover - I might even buy fabric for that one... ;-) )