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Fabric scarves

I worked from home last Wednesday, and whilst my code was compiling I came up with more plans for crafty projects than I think I could achieve in a year. Fortunately most of them will disappear back into the ether, and I won't miss them. I did carry through on two of them yesterday though. 

Last year we did a kind of mini quilting bee in my knitting group. We nearly made it all the way through before the motivation failed, although I still owe Kate her square (it's made, just never been delivered) and Annie hers (I never quite found the right material - lame). I did get four squares for my turn though, and I never quite decided what to do with them. 

The four squares

Well, I decided. As a further experiment in slightly smarter dressing, I thought I could experiment with some scarves. I found a site that gives me many options on how to tie them (the Knot Library), and I reckon it's worth a go. I joined the four squares with the blue, spotty fabric you can see above, and backed them with a bit of an old white duvet cover. I think it came out pretty well.

Half 1Half 2


That's a fake knot, right there. Thanks to the quilt bee participants!

The other scarf I made was with fabric that Emma gave me for my birthday, and a left over butterfly print. I wanted something long enough to tie around my waist, to brighten up my black and white dress maybe, or possibly around the top of my new shorts. I worked it out, and went with a pretty basic square pattern. 

Square piecework scarf

That there is 60 6cm x 6cm white squares, with 30 of each of the other two fabrics. Oh yes. I spent a large part of yesterday playing with my other birthday presents, like so: 


One of my very favourite types of days. Pottering around making stuff. I love being able to take three pieces of almost square fabric and recombining them into a long, thin piece instead. Very handy, and kinda fun.