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The Organic Garden

I've been using the library a lot recently, working my way through their books on gardening. I decided that would be a good way to find books I wanted to own and read again and again. I've read a few that were pretty good ("Urban Eden" by James and Adam Caplin, "Fork to Fork" by Monty and Sarah Don) but none that made me want to buy them (well, "The Fruit Expert" might make it - as a useful reference).

This week I searched in the library catalogue before I got there, and picked a book I wanted to get. Naturally it then wasn't on the shelf at all. That's what you get for being picky! So, disappointed, I browsed the rest of the books and picked up "The Organic Garden" by Allan Shepherd. Only just picked it up. Normally I look for lots of pictures, and didn't think I needed another "let's start with the soil" book.

I am very glad I did. This is a great book. I want to own it. Now. It is just a starting point. But it's absolutely chock full of all sorts of names and URLs and products and books that mean it's actually a jumping off point for a huge number of different areas. I love the fact he lists a bench as the second thing to put into a garden. I like that his garden is not easy. I love the infectious enthusiasm. It's the kind of thing that will top up my drive and energy, spark lots of different thoughts, and generally be great to pick up and dip in and out of whenever.

This is definitely going on my Christmas list! Or birthday list maybe. That comes first. Hmmm...

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