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Trekking again

Rode the Trek into work today for the first time since all my wrenching over Easter. The new chain caused me some problems, and I still think that was a problem with the Connex Link rather than my stupidity! (Although that is possible too... )

Not bad! Nothing fell off. Chain sounded much better, and I had no shifting issues other than those caused by a stiff link. Which is now sorted, so hopefully those will be cleared up for the ride home.

And yes, this does mean that I've ridden it before taking a photo of it looking all shiny. Sorry! But one trip to work and back won't have too much impact I think. If I'm honest, I've managed to get the setup of my Kona so right at the moment, that the Trek felt a little odd. So I'll probably be back to the Kona tomorrow...

Sorry if it's all about the bikes at the moment - there's not much knitting progress to talk about!

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