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I am useless. I failed to go running at lunchtime yesterday, because I got hungry even after my elevenses and didn't feel up to it. So I bailed on cricket with the intention of running when I got home instead. I went home, ate a little bit, started knitting and watching telly, then my Dad phoned to say my maternal grandad's cancer was terminal, and I knit a bit more, and suddenly it was 9 o'clock and freezing outside and I really didn't want to go and I got hungry again (spotting a theme? Obviously not enough food going in at the moment...) so I wimped.

Collapsed into bed about 10, crawled back out again at 7.45. And in spite of sleeping like a log, I still feel pretty wiped out. So I haven't cycled. I think I need a very quiet weekend, and start again next week. Although we do have a couple of runs to do this weekend too.

On the to do list, I did successfully complete the left front of the Otis pattern. Having goofed on the order of knitting the pieces, I lucked out on the length between underarm and cast-on, and that was pretty much spot on. Didn't do quite as well with the length from the underarm to shoulder though, so had to undo the last few rows of the back and add a bit. Still, that didn't take too long, so just the right front and a bit of sewing to do. My minor screw-up with the number of stitches is fine. I think it might just make for a slightly wider neck opening, which is fine by me!

This weekend's list:

  • Clean bathroom
  • Put last two handles on kitchen cupboards
  • Finish filling and paint over the hole behind the fridge
  • Knit the right front of Otis
  • A 20 minute interval run
  • A 75 minute run (!!)

That should keep me busy...

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