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Weddings and cars

It was a busy weekend!

Saturday was the wedding of one of my oldest friends. It was lovely, even if she did cry all the way through the actual ceremony! As she termed it later, she came over all Gwnyth Paltrow... Apparently her Dad had gone and said something sweet before they came in, and she just lost it. Anyway. She was wearing a lovely dress in a turquoise colour, with matching jewelry. It was strappy, in April, but for the outside bits (just the photos really) she had a furry jacket thing. Not my best description ever. I'd post a photo, but I don't know how they'd feel about that, and they're in Thailand now (I think), so it's a little tricky to ask!

GG had been a little nervous about the entire event, because it's the first time she's met a lot of my old school friends. And everyone was there. We had a really good group of about... oh... 20 of us at sixth form, and we're all still in touch 10 years later. Now of course there are all the other halves as well, so it's quite a lot of people to meet! We don't actually get together too often any more, and it was great to see everyone. Even if I do feel I missed talking to a couple of people. There wasn't enough time!

We decided (because the do was in Cambridge) to make use of my parents' place. It's much more convenient for taxis, and they are away anyway. Another couple of friends needed a place to stay too, so they used another spare room. Sunday we all got up and had a big fry-up to rejuvinate us, but I've got to say I'm not entirely sure it worked. I was still pretty tired for the rest of the day!

Unfortunately, GG's car developed some issues. Squealing noises are not ideal, especially when they appear to be paired with a burning smell... So she got the RAC man to come and have a look, and he confirmed that clutches really aren't supposed to do that, and there was nothing he could do to stop it doing that, and he was mostly sure it wouldn't get her back home. It was intensely irritating, because the car had only come out of the garage on Thursday night, after quite a lot of work and an expensive service! But a squealing car has to be dealt with. So I've loaned my car to her, and this morning I had to drive her car 1 mile to a garage who are going to replace the clutch for a measely £300. Ulp! And it's taking more than 1 day to do (hence, apparently, the price). So I am without a car right now. Hooray! But I figured rather than totally knacker myself cycling in from my house (25 mile round trip, 20 mph headwinds at least one way, 13 miles to run next Sunday) I'd use my parents' house for a couple more nights (12 mile round trip... ).

So right now, I'm using their internet connection, having spent the early evening sitting in their conservatory enjoying the last of the sun and knitting. Sweeeeeeet!

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