Whisper it...
Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 12:30
martian77 in General

I think... I might... Have sold my house.

I have two offers on it, both for the same amount. I know who I want to sell it to (much to my estate agent's annoyance it's not the first time buyer! Yes, I'm being a smidge sentemental about who gets my house...). I know that the amount is what I needed. So.

But ulp! Now I have to do the grown up things, like talk to solicitors and organise my (our) next mortgage... And then we're into finding movers, and packing, and unpacking... And there's the decorating, and gardening, and that's the exciting stuff! I do think it might be complicated potentially by the pair off us living 120 miles apart!

It's a good thing. I'm excited about it. But oh, I wish the next couple of months were over already...

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