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Not again!

I think I'm coming down with another cold. Can't believe it. I've only just cleared the last one! But I've got a sore throat, and that spaced feeling... Maybe a week of early nights will beat it before it starts. As long as I can keep my house tidy I don't think I have anything else to do particularly!

I did do a little reconfiguring of Rusty's handlebars... I haven't had a chance to ride it yet, but it looks sweet.


And it was a very busy Saturday. All that tidying! And mortgage advice, and photos taken... Knackering! Still, hopefully my house will be visibly for sale now, and we'll find a really quick buyer, and all will be well. Please?!

And I started a new jumper. In Debbie Bliss Maya, which is gorgeous, but does seem to be turning my needles slightly pink. I suspect we may have a dye leak issue for a bit. It's going to be a fairly simple v-neck, with a cable up the front splitting for the neckline, and a little bit of waist shaping. Raglan. I'm making it up as I go along, so we'll see how it goes. Won't be the first time! The turquoise Colinette jacket did get a new sleeve, but I really don't like knitting on 12mm needles! And if anyone has any ideas how to sew up point 5, that would be great...

colinette partial




My version of Cheesylove from Knitty. This is knit in doubleknit, rather than worsted, so I adjusted the pattern a little. It's kind of halfway between the small and medium sizes.

Knit in Patons Beehive (75% Acrylic, 25% Wool) that came out of a large bag in my parents' loft, the hearts are knit in Jaeger Matchmaker Marino doubleknit in Oatmeal that I happened to have left over from a previous jumper. So technically this is a freebie! Knit on 4.5mm.

It's good to wear without anything under, but also over a shirt, and for both casual and work. I'm really pleased with it. It was one I knit over Christmas whilst GG was working on panto in Crawley, so it really didn't take me very long at all! I've had a few compliments on it too, which is always nice, because I was a bit worried it showed off some bumps and lumps I don't normally admit to. It's also ever so slightly see-through. I probably could have dropped to a 4mm needle to solve that.




This is my version of Otis, from Knitty. Knit in Knitpicks Andean Silk in pitch. There will be further photos later - the above one was unblocked, and dark seeing as it was taken about 10.30pm. This is a picture of it blocking...


This is the smallest size, and took me just 5.5 balls. I didn't mean to alter the pattern, but due to a minor mishap with my counting/reading, I cast on just 60 stitches for the front two sections instead of 62, so it would have taken a little more wool had I got it right! Instead of the two pieces of ribbon, I've used snap fasteners to keep it closed. The buttons on the front are for decoration.


I'm really pleased with it. I have a large number of small, brightly coloured t-shirts (notably orange and turquoise!) that I want to wear more, but I sit under the air-conditioning so get too cold. This should be perfect! It'll let the colour show, and keep me warm.

I knit this in a continental stylee! First thing ever. It was pretty quick, but probably would have been quicker still if I'd been knitting in my normal English manner.



Our offer wasn't accepted.

That sucks right now, but isn't so bad in the long run I guess. Gives me time to actually get a buyer and things.



Well, formally given one estate agent notice to sell my house, got a quote from a solicitor that sounds ok, and formally put a (slightly higher than we thought) offer in on a house near Brighton.


Things have suddenly started moving rather fast! No regrets, all feels good. I just need to keep my fingers crossed for the final thing to fall into place... Oh, and for our formal offer to be accepted, and for a buyer to appear for mine, and to not be made redundant before we get there... You know, little things...