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So near...

Otis is now a Finished Object (FO), but not quite a Genuinely Finished Object (GFO). All the knitting is complete. So now I need to put it together and sew the ends in. And find a button. Rather than the ribbons, I'm going to put a hook on one side and a button on the visible side. I think it's going to look pretty good, I'm pleased. The Knitpicks Andean Silk shines just enough to take the edge off how black it is, and the black will go with (and probably brighten up) all my bright t-shirts, just the way I was hoping! Really looking forward to wearing it now... And I have 2.5 balls left! Have to come up with something to do with them. As I'm back in the States in March, I might have to order some different colours in it and knit something else...

Just two more projects off my to do list and Gorgeous Girlfriend will let me buy more wool! Now there's an incentive. Next I must finish the Colinette Point 5 turquoise jacket that's been hanging around forever...

Today is hopefully going to be an exciting day on the house front. I need to phone a solicitor and one of the estate agents from yesterday, and get my house on the market. Then I need to ring the agent for the house down in Brighton, and check what's happening and put in an offer... Eep!

Oh, and I need to go for a run.

Tonight I'm setting myself the target of completely tidying my bedroom, including clearing the windowledge. And I'm going to turn Otis into a GFO - apart from the button...



Yes, finally, I have coving!


I know. It doesn't look that exciting. But oh! It is! That stuff has been sitting on the floor in my landing for months while we wimped out of trying again. I finally found someone to come and do it for me, so that's it! Now it just needs painting... Which isn't entirely easy, because that is two storeys up. I have a double height stairwell, and it's a long way from the bottom of the stairs to the coving. And I'm scared of heights. But it's such a small step away from completion now I'll just have to overcome that!

It's much, much better than the cracks that were there before...

And I've just had a very interesting visit from a estate agent. One more to go, then I have to make a decision... Eep!


Sorry Sunday

I'm not a big fan of Sundays anymore. Either I have to travel from GG's house, or she leaves me. And today she's had to leave early because she's got to go do a tech rehearsal for a panto in Crawley.

But a brief progress report on the weekend.

We did both runs this weekend! Woohoo! We didn't do the intervals, we just went for time plodding. We did 25 minutes on Saturday, and 75 minutes today. So that's something to be proud of!

We've also put a whole load of stuff from my bike store (under the stairs!) up into the loft, tidying that so that people can see the size better. It looks loads better, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of my two favourites while I was there.

Bike Store 2006

Gorgeous, huh? Although the Trek (on the left) is filthy. Side effect of my commute to work. I'm having to give it a bit of a rest at the moment - I got a flint through the front tyre, replaced it so I could get home, but the tyre is not up to the pressure I normally run at so I've had to order some new ones. But that's ok, because I've managed this weekend to change to the very skinny tyres GG bought me for Christmas on the Kona, and put my new bar tape on too. So I've transferred my headlight over and I'll commute on that tomorrow. :-)

Kona Front 2006

Apart from that, I've managed to get a little knitting done, and finish filling the holes behind the fridge in the kitchen. They just need painting. I'll get that done in a mo, and that'll be something else off the list. I'm aiming to get some more washing in too. GG managed to paint the bathroom bits that just needed touching up, so I'll get it cleaned next and that'll be better. We got everything a bit more tidy too, so fingers crossed for a good couple of valuations tomorrow. Once the coving is done, I'll put it on the market, so hopefully by next weekend...

Eep! It's all a bit scary to be honest...

Got some cooking to do yet this evening, and tidying up the kitchen after all the stuff we've been doing in there this weekend. It's been a good weekend for food too. I'll update the diary soon...



I am useless. I failed to go running at lunchtime yesterday, because I got hungry even after my elevenses and didn't feel up to it. So I bailed on cricket with the intention of running when I got home instead. I went home, ate a little bit, started knitting and watching telly, then my Dad phoned to say my maternal grandad's cancer was terminal, and I knit a bit more, and suddenly it was 9 o'clock and freezing outside and I really didn't want to go and I got hungry again (spotting a theme? Obviously not enough food going in at the moment...) so I wimped.

Collapsed into bed about 10, crawled back out again at 7.45. And in spite of sleeping like a log, I still feel pretty wiped out. So I haven't cycled. I think I need a very quiet weekend, and start again next week. Although we do have a couple of runs to do this weekend too.

On the to do list, I did successfully complete the left front of the Otis pattern. Having goofed on the order of knitting the pieces, I lucked out on the length between underarm and cast-on, and that was pretty much spot on. Didn't do quite as well with the length from the underarm to shoulder though, so had to undo the last few rows of the back and add a bit. Still, that didn't take too long, so just the right front and a bit of sewing to do. My minor screw-up with the number of stitches is fine. I think it might just make for a slightly wider neck opening, which is fine by me!

This weekend's list:

  • Clean bathroom
  • Put last two handles on kitchen cupboards
  • Finish filling and paint over the hole behind the fridge
  • Knit the right front of Otis
  • A 20 minute interval run
  • A 75 minute run (!!)

That should keep me busy...


Ick... Winter.

Today is the kind of day that I really hate about an English winter. It's cold (high supposed to be about 2 degrees) but not frosty, grey and overcast but not raining/snowing, and very still. Actually, I don't mind it being very still, it would be good cycling, but I have a cricket net this evening and cycling 30 miles or so with cricket kit on my back is less that appealing. Fortunately it's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure GG is driving up in the evening, so I can cycle tomorrow. I've got more clothes with me today for my lunchtime run, so hopefully that will be better!

Managed to get to my parents' to pick Rusty (my Raliegh Record, leave-at-work bike) up after the weekend. Also got some more wine glasses from their store, a baking tin, and a muffin tin and cases. Mum and Dad are on diets, so Mum won't be baking any muffins for a while I don't think. I might have a look for a tin of my own while I'm in the States in March, so I can give this one back. I'm getting into my baking, because if I do run at lunchtime I need something to eat around half an hour before, and then eat my lunch afterwards. Also if I cycle I need something when I get in, and possibly something else before I go home again. If I were to buy flapjack it'd cost me a small fortune (and I'd get very bored of flapjack), so I'm building up a selection of different snack food. I also eat bananas, nuts and raisins, satsumas or apples, but I get hungry dammit!

I do wonder occasionally if I get tired because I'm not eating enough for the exercise I do. Hmmm... Maybe I could use a category on here after all, for a food diary.

Tonight (as I said earlier) I have a cricket practice from 7-8 in Cambridge. Won't get home from that until about 9, when I'll need some food, so limited to do list tonight:

  • Finish left front of Otis
  • Wash towels