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Note to self

If it's forecast to be a high of 3 degrees, don't try running in a short sleeve top. Unless you want to have to defrost your hands for the next 10 minutes.

That new heating... Made me think it was warm outside...


Giving up on categories already

Well, putting everything in the same category. Too much like hard work to keep moving everything around!

The house was very warm this morning. A whopping 22 degrees! That's about 4 degrees higher than a normal morning. And the bathroom was toasty. If anything, I'm going to have to turn the downstairs heaters down a little. Bit stuffy. Amazing how sensitive a body is to a few degrees difference!

It seems that my hand muscles are complaining a bit about this new way of knitting. The muscles in my thumb pads on both hands are stiff as! Guess again that that will come down to knitting the other way for 20+ years, then switching suddenly. Still, Otis is coming along nicely. I've finished both sleeves, the back, and am a third of the way up the left front. No, that's not the best order to attempt it in! I should have started with the sleeves (as I was learning, and my tension could have been a bit variable) then moved to the fronts. Because of the decreases for the sloping side, there is less flexibility in number of rows. It would have been better to knit the fronts then matched the back to them. Hopefully it'll come out ok anyway. I've also goofed slightly. I clearly had some kind of mental aberation during cast on, because I've only started with 60 stitches when the pattern calls for 62. Not terminal, and to be honest I'd rather have the wrap a little narrower, but what was I thinking? I could have sworn I'd read that line a couple of times! Oh well.

I feel really positive today. Don't know why! Perhaps because of the big leaps forward over the last couple of days, everything feels like it's moving again, whereas it had all been feeling a bit stalled. All I need to do now is transfer that into doing some work!


Sometime later...

Well, the man came, and many hours later I have two new storage heaters and one relocated one. Marvelous. And I have a timer on my immersion heater, so that should save me some money and stop my hot water requirements completely killing the planet or something.

I know storage heaters are generally rubbish and a flawed principle, but I live in a small fen village with no gas supply, in a house with no space for an oil store, and no fireplace. So what can I do? At least I should be warm now...

And while I had the day off, a nice man came to tell me how much he thought my house was worth, and another one came to tell me he could do my coving. So that's a few things ticking along nicely. Not to mention the soup I made, and the stew that will last me the rest of the week, and no Tesco's ingredients anywhere! Oh, and I finally finished putting the bar tape GG got for me for Christmas on my mountain bike. Next step: fitting the new tyres...

Although I did take the batteries out of the doorbell, and they do need replacing, and Tescos is about the only convenient place I can think of for buying batteries.

Tonight is going to be a lazy night. Some knitting, and much sleeping. Wish me luck with that to do list!


Hello There

Well, having started over at bloglines, I finally got fed up of the lack of formatting and pretty-making options. Whether or not you agree that this looks pretty is a whole different issue!

I am mostly using my blog as a way to keep track of everything I have to do, to set myself little targets for the evening and track my success in achieving them. And if anything else occurs to me, it will probably get mentioned along the way.

I'm actually on holiday waiting for an electrician who's just arrived. More later!

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