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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 4

Much boxing in and application of plasterboard yesterday. 

bathroom shower/bath

The bath now has a proper frame, and the gap at the end has been plugged. Looks like the missing floorboard is just going to stay missing! 

bathroom sink

Still no sink, but the wall and window frame has been covered in plaster board, and we have a tube of pink grip for decoration.

bathroom toilet

The sloping wall behind the toilet has also been plasterboarded. That must have been a bugger of a job. Fortunately we have a very tall plumber. 

bathroom boxing in

I appreciate that this will look like a very boring photo to most people, but I am rather pleased by just how neat the boxing in for the soil pipe is. That's it! All of it! We had boxing in all the way along the bottom of that wall, with a gap for the sink to go through. Crazy. Of course, that does leave that large hole in the floorboard. It'll be interesting to see what happens to that...


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 3

Just the three photos today. 

Bathroom shower/bath

The most exciting development is that calling this room our bathroom is no longer a misnomer! We have a bath! Shower still there too, of course. That is a steel bath, because the plumber says they are sturdier for shower use. Also it's a little shorter than normal, because the room just isn't quite wide enough for a normal size one. Fortunately we are also a little shorter than normal, so it should be just fine. 

Bathroom sink

However, we now have no sink. The towel and bag are blocking the tops of the pipes for one, but currently there is no sink in situ. On the bright side, all the random pipes that were along that wall have now disappeared under the floorboards, so we will no longer have an odd little shelf under there for dust to cover. We'll have to put the bathroom cleaner somewhere else in future!

Bathroom toilet

Almost no change at the toilet end. 

Apparently today is plastering day, so that'll be exciting! Who knows, maybe it's lights day too? It's the first day neither of us was home to let them in this morning, so hopefully they've made a start and it's all going smoothly. I'll find out later. Also, for anyone who may be getting concerned about the way I smell I showered twice yesterday: once after cycling in, and once at the gym after running. Hopefully not too stinky yet.


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 2

Only the end of day one, but much has changed. Fingers crossed it will keep moving at that pace!

I've tried to take the same shots as yesterday:

bathroom shower

The shower is still there. No more dolphins though. 

Bathroom sink

The sink was put back in last night so we could wash. There's an interesting line in the brickwork just next to it, that I'll come back to in a mo. 

bathroom toilet

The toilet was also put back at the end of yesterday. For which I was intensely grateful. That's our only loo, and I'd been there all day without it. 

The line in the brickwork and the studwork in the sloping wall behind the loo tally with something the plumber had suggested but we hadn't guessed. The loo used to be in a seperate tiny room. It would have been rotated 180 degrees from where it is now, and had the door in through that studwork. Amazing what you find out about your house when you rip it apart. 

Sadly, not all of it was great news. 

Missing floorboard

We appear to be missing a floorboard under what was the shower and will be the bath. 

Hole to kitchen

This is a hole straight through to the kitchen below. 

Exposed pipes

And these pipes should have been covered before the tiles went on over the top. Ho hum. 

At least the bath's arrived. We've tested, and it's big enough for us.


It's Clarkie's turn to stay home today. Let's hope it's a little less noisy. 


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 1

When we moved in the estate agent apologised for the lack of bath in this house. To be honest, it almost never bothers us, and the double-size shower has been very handy. However, in the interests of resale and for a good, post-run soak, we are finally getting the plumbers in. They don't have much to do: change the light fittings for bathroom safe ones, fit an extractor fan, take all the tiles down, re-plaster, re-tile, fit a bath, change the floor, change the sink, paint, fit a heated towel rail... 

So here, for posterity, is the bathroom as it looked this morning:


The double-size not-a-bath and weird boxed in bit at the end.


The sink and window. You can also see the beautiful skirting board, that gathers dirt and dust like anything.


The toilet and other weird boxed in bit. Oh, and the dado rail, which also gathers dirt and dust. 


The lovely dolphins. I won't be missing them. 

I shall be attempting to remain slightly dehydrated for the day, so I don't need to use the loo. They've promised us they won't leave us without a toilet and some form of washing facilities overnight, and they are supposed to be done in 2 weeks. There is even an outside chance we'll discover where to turn the water off inside the house... How exciting!


A theory of shorts

This post may feature the least flattering photo of me I'm ever likely to post. Still, there we are. 

shorts riding up

This is three shots of me in my Ron Hill shorts, which are the shorts that (on me) suffer most from the riding up problem. (They don't really seem the right shape for me full stop, but I bought them online so that happens occasionally.) The top one is the shorts in their rightful position, middle is what happens when I lift up a leg (and is not a flattering photo!), and bottom demonstrates that the right leg has ridden up maybe an inch and a half with that movement.

The shorts move up when I lift my leg. The fabric gets tight across the thigh and shifts upwards, then when I put my leg down the fabric doesn't move down again. I think that bit is caused by my thighs rubbing - if they didn't touch the fabric could fall back down easily - but I think the problem really is that the shorts move up so far in the first place. I don't think I could solve the problem by losing weight either. At my fittest when I was cycling around 70-100 miles per week and was comfortably a UK size 8 my thighs still touched!

I'm blogging this theory (including the unflattering pictures) because I haven't found much advice on the problem online. Lots of people complaining about it, but not a lot of analysis about why it happens. In fact, the most common response is to recommend skorts/running shorts. But I think if you can find a cut of short where a) the crotch is in the right place for you and b) the size, shape and length of the leg is right, you can get a short that won't move up when you lift your leg, so won't ruck.

So, what I'm trying is putting a stretch panel down the inside of the leg (which allows the shorts material to stretch rather than roll back up the leg), moving the crotch up (which stops bunching), and getting the length right. The shorts I'm playing with at the moment seem to ride up a little at mid-thigh now rather than right up in the crotch, so I think if I shorten them a little that might go away too. The other thing I can do is put a split in the outside seam to allow a little more give, but I'm going to try not doing that to start with. There's going to be a little more trial and error before I can say for sure I've cracked it, but I think at least I understand better now what to look for in a pair of running (or in fact any) shorts.

The experiment continues...