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Revising (continued)

Well, the exam's done. Whether or not I passed remains to be seen, but I'm hopeful. Only 3 weeks to wait for the result!



No really, I am. I've been on a course for work since Tuesday, and have the exam in half an hour.

Problem is I'm feeling like a cocky little sod today, and thinking I can get the 50% needed to pass without really trying too hard. Especially since it's an open book exam.

Still, failure would be extremely embarrassing! So I should re-read a little... Where did I leave my motivation again?



Me, and the weather, and the course I'm on!

I'm dull because I'm tired. Went out last night for a team meal with work. It was lots of fun, and I didn't get home too late, but today I'm struggling.

The weather is just dismal. Grey, lots of rain, nasty. Autumn is definitely here, chances are this sort of weather will prevail until... ohh... March. Hooray for the UK in the winter.

And the course I'm on. Actually, the subjects covered aren't too dull. To me, anyway. It's a software design and implementation course. But at the moment we're in a team exercise thing, which my team has completed already so we're hanging around. Trouble is everyone is sneaking off to check emails etc, so not really working at top speed. And I'm just as bad!

Better get back in there I guess...


Hooray for procrastination!

Aha! 2 posts in one weekend. See, not only am I feeling much better today, but I also have homework to do for a seminar tomorrow. So, blogging it is!

I know, I have been feeble at blogging since we moved house. So, I'm going to just show off a series of photos of the herb garden I've put in since we got here, just because I can, and to remind me what it looked like originally!

Our front garden is a bit of a slope up to the road:


This was the view at the end of July, when we moved in. The road is at the top of the steps, about level with the upstairs of the house! We have garden out front either side of the steps, with no really obvious fences. We also (oddly) have 2 front doors. One 'proper' one, out of the hall, and one out of the kitchen. That makes the area to the left in that picture, just above the brick wall, perfect for a herb garden!


This was my first effort at the end of August. It took a fair amount of clearing, actually. Because of the slope and the random stones, I couldn't really use a proper spade. You can see I gave up towards the right! I also had a bit of a go at terracing using the existing stones as I went along.

The tarragon, parsley and strawberries I've grown from seed, and the rosemary plant on the bottom right I've had in a pot for about 3 years, but I've brutally hacked it back this summer because it wasn't looking so happy. It's come back pretty well! The rest I had to buy, but they weren't too bad.

Yesterday, through my feeling generally rubbish, I cleared the rest of the grass and weeds, and this was the result:


There's a new sage plant, that my parents bought for me. And the parsley has really thickened up! You can't see from the photo, but there are also three little seedling parsley plants which will hopefully replace those once they've flowered. You can also see the crops of radish and rocket! I think I'm going to keep using the front terrace for crops like that in the future. The bare patch to the right is seeded with borage which should come up for next spring (I hope!). I'm also hoping that everything else will keep on growing...


Bad blogging

And another week or so rushes by full on...

I'd love to tell you all about it, but I'm in the process of trying hard not to be ill. GG has a cold, someone at work has a cold, I feel all coldy without being blocked up, so I'm pre-emptively taking cold medicine and sleeping lots.

I'll leave it that the new job is still very exciting, even though I am taking an hour to get there in the morning, and another hour to get back. And I got very, very wet on Thursday morning on the bike, but I think the hills will keep getting easier. Maybe.

Now. Back to the sofa.