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Counting down...

I really must get the photos off my camera. Trouble is, it's been so hot that all I've really wanted to do when I get home is sit in the garden with a beer! Definitely not staring at another computer screen, anyway.

Anyway, where are we now?

We finally exchanged contracts on the house we're buying (after some kerfuffle with CHAPS systems not working and late transfers and inept communications - just for a change) on Monday. Woohoo! We're taking a week between exchange and completion, so we get the keys to OUR house (not mine, our!) next Monday.

This is convenient (even if I would really have preferred this Friday) because it means I get to go to a big BBQ in Cambridge this Saturday, and I finish my current job on Friday. So I guess finishing work, packing the car and heading straight to Brighton would have been a bit of a drag. GG is playing cricket on Saturday (well practicing), we've both got a match on Sunday, pick up the keys Monday (woohoo! GG has the afternoon off), then Monday night GG goes away until Thursday night. It's County Champs. This is going to be the first time in... oh... 6 years I think that I'm not going to watch. I'll be staying at home (in the new house! Woohoo!) decorating. And sleeping on an airbed, because my furniture isn't arriving for a bit.

We have the tester pots... We have Monday afternoon to decide the colour scheme. No worries! All systems are good to go!



I'm not sure I've mentioned it, but my Gorgeous Girlfriend is wonderful...

This morning a package arrived at my parents' house, addressed to me. After a moment of panic thinking it must have been redirected from the last address I noticed the postmark - from GG's work.

She bought a book for me! An introductory book on psychology. Because the Masters I'm starting in October is going to have some psychology, and I've never really looked into it before so I might as well use my time off this summer to read a bit.

But the important thing is that I was feeling all bleurgh and morning-y and stuff, and then the book arrived to brighten my day. She's GREAT!


Halfway there!

Well, on Monday, I finally reached the stage of moving out of my house.

That's it. Most of my possessions in the van. Waiting for (in this picture) my bed, wardrobe and washing machine I think!

Due to GG's amazing packing skills (seriously, she's wonderful) I hardly had to pack anything! My jobs were things like cleaning the bathroom and the oven. Oh, and putting all the plants in the back of my car.

See, the thing is, we haven't got the other house yet. So most of my belongings are now in storage, somewhere in Ely. Obviously, my plants wouldn't have survived that. So they have come with me. I'm living in my parents' house right now. Fortunately (for them and me) they are away, so it works out pretty well. They get a house-sitter, and I get a roof over my head!

We have, today, finally heard that all is ok, and both us and the people we're buying off want to complete as soon as possible. I've just transferred the deposit to the solicitors, so hopefully we will exchange contracts tomorrow, and complete a week later! My last day on the job is next Friday, and we'll leave my furniture in storage for another couple of weeks to let us do a little painting. I love it when a plan comes together!

Oh, and I had a haircut. I couldn't cope with having hair and packing, and I'd got fed up with it anyway. So it's all gone again. Hooray!

GG asked me to send a photo, and this is the bad, sweaty, just-finished-riding photo she got. Apparently I look like an angry hamster. Her words!!



I've been having a small problem with motivation at work since resigning. Can't think why. But I've had some work to do.

Then I found this, and this. And I promised myself that when I finished the work (and only when) I could order it.

Guess what's on its way? 3 cones of Monaco Cotton, in Indigo. I can't wait...


I've exchanged contracts on the sale of my house! Finally!

Completion date (and therefore removals) is the 10th July. Then I am officially homeless.

Well, not quite. I move into my parents' house.

Still, halfway there...