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Made it into work today. I cycled pretty slowly... It took me an entire hour on the Trek, which is very unusual. And standing on the pedals wasn't an option. But I made it! And I think treating it as a nice recovery ride should actually help. Although searching on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS) is not great reading, because general consensus is that there's no (reliable) way to hasten the recovery. Personally I lean towards ibuprofen, and gentle massage. Oh, and food. Lots of food, preferably meaty. Which is unusual for me, but all I know is that I abruptly start craving things like steak pie, so I figure I should listen to my body at least a little!

Had breakfast out on my patio for the first time this year this morning. I have a very sheltered patio, that faces the early sun. Fresh black coffee and toast sitting in the sun makes me feel so much better about the entire day!



Further to yesterday's post about how much my legs hurt, I've just had to make an embarrassing phone call to work...

I can't make it in today. My car is at work already, and my legs still hurt too much to cycle for 12.5 miles!  Fortunately, I can work from home, so I'm not taking a sick day or holiday or anything.

But oh, it's going to take a while to live this one down...


I am broken

Monday evening, and GG has left. Ho hum.

Today we took another baby step towards our house. We got our mortgage application approved in principle, and the application in. We also sorted out our insurance, barring the buildings and contents, and paid for the mortgage valuation survey on the house we want. So it's happening, it's real. It's exciting!

First cricket match of the season, I scored 21 and retired. I went in at number 2, and hung around for 20 overs while the other opener knocked 51. It was just a friendly, so we thought we ought to retire at 20 overs so the others could bat. Not being arrogant, but we just thought we ought to really! I don't score quickly, but it was nice to get bat on ball again. Kept wicket, was a bit rusty if I'm honest. And one of the bats kept swinging all the way around when I was keeping up, and she spooked me a bit. I'll get back in the swing of it.

In the meantime however, apparently a season of playing sporadically (not my choice!) has left my leg muscles a little out of shape! 38 overs (or 228 squats) has left me crippled today. Hopefully it'll ease up quickly. My quads are really sore today...


Oh happy (Fri) day!

It's Friday again! Made it... And sound the trumpets because it's another bank holiday Monday. Mayday this time.

I'm travelling again tonight, and this time I'm planning to cycle between Kings Cross and Victoria, rather than having it thrust upon me. So anyone in that area between... oh... 5.40 and 6.15... seeing a small girl woman on a small bike with small wheels and a big blue bag with a cricket bat handle sticking out of it, give me a wave.

Of course, it'll totally freak me out if someone does...

First cricket match of the season on Sunday, so fingers crossed it stays dry and I don't get a golden duck.

Monday we have an appointment with the mortgage advisor to get all of that set up. Thank goodness for people working on bank holidays, and thank goodness it's not me!

Now, roll on 4.00, and let the adventure begin!


And another thing...

I don't think I'm going to make my mileage target for the lights... I'm on about 143 miles at the moment. Will I get 7 miles in tomorrow? I could do, just about. The ride to the station in Cambridge, then the ride across from Kings Cross to Victoria... It's going to be close...

If I'd just ridden in yesterday, none of this would have been a problem. I'd have more than done my miles already. But I was knackered yesterday. I nipped into town at lunch on Rusty, and my legs moaned the whole way. Gotta know your limitations, I guess.

As punishment, and to prove to myself that I really do deserve the beautiful light that I now own and love, I will aim to do 250 miles next month. And I will do them. Oh yes...