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Whisper it...

I think... I might... Have sold my house.

I have two offers on it, both for the same amount. I know who I want to sell it to (much to my estate agent's annoyance it's not the first time buyer! Yes, I'm being a smidge sentemental about who gets my house...). I know that the amount is what I needed. So.

But ulp! Now I have to do the grown up things, like talk to solicitors and organise my (our) next mortgage... And then we're into finding movers, and packing, and unpacking... And there's the decorating, and gardening, and that's the exciting stuff! I do think it might be complicated potentially by the pair off us living 120 miles apart!

It's a good thing. I'm excited about it. But oh, I wish the next couple of months were over already...


Trekking again

Rode the Trek into work today for the first time since all my wrenching over Easter. The new chain caused me some problems, and I still think that was a problem with the Connex Link rather than my stupidity! (Although that is possible too... )

Not bad! Nothing fell off. Chain sounded much better, and I had no shifting issues other than those caused by a stiff link. Which is now sorted, so hopefully those will be cleared up for the ride home.

And yes, this does mean that I've ridden it before taking a photo of it looking all shiny. Sorry! But one trip to work and back won't have too much impact I think. If I'm honest, I've managed to get the setup of my Kona so right at the moment, that the Trek felt a little odd. So I'll probably be back to the Kona tomorrow...

Sorry if it's all about the bikes at the moment - there's not much knitting progress to talk about!


Bad transport weekend

It was my turn to travel this weekend... GG lives down in sunny Sussex by the sea, which is the wrong side of London from here. I prefer to get the train, because the M25 on a Friday night is dreadful.

This particular weekend we were going out in Brighton on Friday night, then doing a cricket training day in South London on Saturday, then having a pretty quiet Sunday. So I got the train to Brighton, with my folding bike (the Cub...). Normally speaking, I use the bike to get from work to the station, get the train from Cambridge to King's Cross, walk to King's Cross Thameslink, and then it's straight through to Brighton.

Unfortunately, Thameslink wasn't running. Ok. So now I have to get to Victoria. On the underground with a heavy, oddly shaped bike (the Cub was cheap, so it's heavy and awkward when carried)? No. I cycled from Kings Cross to Victoria. It's only about 3.5 miles, except I don't entirely know the way, so probably more like 5, with some walking up 1-way streets, and a dash into a newsagents to buy a pocket a to z! Then the train from Victoria (by now pretty sweaty. Nice for a night out) to Haywards Heath, then another train from Haywards Heath to Brighton, then cycle from Brighton station to the marina. Get totally lost in the marina trying to find the right place, give up and call GG to come and find me... Stow Cub in car, go find the rest of the party and eat.

Saturday, to be fair, went pretty smoothly transport-wise. We took GG's car, I drove both ways because GG was knackered and a bit sick, and the training day was really good fun. Not sure GG agrees, because she was running it and it's never as much fun that way!

Then today, I had to get home. It was the day of the London marathon, but that was ok because that starts early and I wasn't leaving until late. We had to get me back to Brighton, but GG kindly drove me over there. And it all went very smoothly for once, right up to King's Cross. I made a connection at King's Cross that was 30 minutes earlier than the one that the national rail website suggested. The unfortunate thing was that there wasn't a direct train to Cambridge available. No. Engineering works. The three dreaded words: Rail Replacement Service... Buses! Ugh. Still, at least i'd taken the folding bike. All in all, not a bad trip considering. So maybe I shouldn't be too rude about my transport for the weekend after all! It was still better than driving...

The only thing is, someone yesterday asked if I'd run the marathon next year... And seeing all those runners around today... Well, I was a bit jealous of them frankly. So it looks like I need to get back in training...


Red Jumper

Yes, I'm still working on that. But I decided I need pictures on here, to demonstrate. Last time I took a photo of it it was what, 2 inches long? So. Here's a bad photo of the nearly complete but unblocked jumper:

Nearly completed red jumperAll well and good, even up to the re-knit v. Don't know if you can see it, but the saxon braid splits into two plain old cables, and these continue up the side of the v. It's up over the shoulders and round the back that's been causing me issues.

So, a photo of my current solution, which may even be working: rednearlycollar.jpgWhat this shows is the collar lying nice and flat against my shoulder, which is as it should be. What I have done is to complete the main section, and now I'm busy knitting up the collar, which I shall sew on. Cheating, maybe. If it works, I don't really care!



Ok, I've been bad. I bought a new bike light. A very expensive bike light. I'm not supposed to be doing that, because I'm supposed to be saving all my money for the new house (please buy mine! It's very nice!). And I'd done a deal with GG that I could only have them if I cycled 150 miles by the end of the month.

But I did some calculating, and remembered that some work needs doing on the car, and I decided that it would be better to pay for the lights this month and the car work next month. See? And I'm already 50 miles into that 150... And feeling pretty good... And it's been windier than I'd normally cycle in and I've positively enjoyed it. Well, ok. That might be stretching it a little, but still. And these lights will be really easy to move between all four of my bikes, as and when I want to, rather than my cateye set which need a screwdriver and swearing.

Obviously it's even more important that I do the mileage now... But I suspect I'm not going to get my 30 minute run in. Still, 2 hours cycling per day ought to balance that...