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Work for idle (moping) hands


Mincemeat muffins. Hopefully yummy.



Even though it's Monday!

Having had a lovely 4 day weekend, all spent with GG, she has just left to go home. One day we won't have to do this anymore. One day we'll actually live together, and Sundays (or Mondays) can go back to being normal days.

Today we went for a bike ride. We'd been putting it off all weekend, because GG didn't feel so well on Friday, and the weather hasn't been great since. Today it looked lovely and sunny, bit of a breeze maybe, but good anyway. So off we went to Ely, about 7.5 miles away. It was lovely on the way there, flat roads, not too much traffic, wind behind us, sun out... Then we got to Ely, discovered the local hardware stores actually shut for Easter (I need some pliers... More later...) and went down to the river to eat the picnic we'd brought with us. And we fed the ducks (actually more swans, but there you are) on some of my left-over bread.

The wind was getting a little chill then, and some clouds had come over, but I figured we'd warm up on the way home. So off we went. Remember the wind was behind us on the way to Ely? Yeah... In our faces all the way home. And the clouds started getting thicker... Then I felt some rain. Then a bit more. Then the noise on the helmet changed... Hailstones. Oh yeah. With the wind in your face. So the hail comes in nicely. Suddenly it wasn't quite so much fun anymore!

Made it home eventually, and GG even says she'll go for another ride with me sometime... But she's checking the weather forecast first. And she did need tea quite urgently. Mind you, so did I!

So much for my scouting ability. Be (un) prepared!


So close

Well, I was so close to having a finished object today. That red jumper I started so long ago... I got the v finished. I'd brought the cable up either side of the shoulders and along the back. I seamed the back seam. I put it on to have a look...

Nah. Collar not right at all. Looked like a cowl, or the start of a hood.

Hi ho, hi ho, a ripping we will go...

The problem is I'm making it up as I go along, doing something with the neckline unlike anything I've tried before. The v would be fine, if I were then picking up the stitches and knitting inwards like a normal collar. Me, I want to keep the cable going up and round, and that's the wrong way to just pick up the stitches. I was trying to join it as i went, so kind of like a flat i-cord. But that hasn't worked. Next attempt is to cast off the body, then knit the cable separately and stitch it on. That might work. But I think I want to add a couple of short rows to the back of the body, to just close the neck-line in a bit too. Again, winging it! You never know... It might work...



Well, just went for a gentle joggette, seeing as I felt so good and I have this 1 30 minute run per week goal...

Apparently my legs are still a smidge tired. And my ankle still a little sore. Who'da thunk? Managed 20 minutes of mostly running, and that was about 1.7 miles apparently. It's a start... At least i got out there...



Maybe not of the fittest, but we did get through the entire 13.1 miles. Slowly. 2 hours, 54 minutes and 50 seconds. But we did it, and they hadn't run out of medals, and we weren't last or even slowest! There were some circumstances around the edges that were extremely unfortunate, and my Gorgeous Girlfriend has sworn never again, although I think getting a nasty stomach bug the evening after the event hasn't helped with that!

Today I can walk normally. To be honest, even yesterday I didn't really feel much worse than after a hard game of hockey. So that's good too! I'd really like to say I'll keep the running up this time, seeing as how my feet aren't trying to fall off in quite the same way as after the London marathon last year, but I'm a bit more realistic about my sticking power. Although I would like to think I could manage one 30 minute run per week. I mean, that's not unreasonable, right? And there's a handy looking all-women running club down in Brighton I might manage to join at some point. IF I EVER SELL MY BLOODY HOUSE!

Sorry. We have sold my house. Just need the people who want to buy it to sell their flat. Come on now people. I'm sure it's lovely, someone, just buy it!

And, although the Rabbitch had a great plan for dealing with the knitting projects that were causing me issues, I have taken the alternative approach of trying to finish one. The red jumper I started in Debbie Bliss Maya (or Manos Del Uruguay for those of you who can get it), well, I nearly got to the finish line with that. And then I decided that I didn't like the neckline, and really I'd paid quite a lot for this wool, and I'm only making the pattern up as I go along anyway, so I should frog back to the start of the v and redo it. So maybe I did sort of take that advice after all! But I'm about half-way through re-knitting now, and I think it'll be more what I had in mind. So maybe after Easter I'll have another finished object to add! (Maybe...)

We have a great plan for Easter weekend. It involves a sofa, large quantities of tea, and a big stack of DVDs... Oh yes. Just two more days and one trip to the opticians to go, and I'll be there...