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In 2013 I'm trying to buy less (or ideally nothing) that falls outside a set of rules I've created for myself. For a full description of how that happened, read this post here

The rules:

  1. Food and drink. This includes random coffees, snacks, meals out etc. 
  2. Tickets for things. Gigs, visits, bus/train/plane tickets etc. 
  3. Work stuff. Mostly, I anticipate this is going to be posters and the like.
  4. Replacement stuff, when things I use break/wear out.
  5. Presents for other people. I shall make an effort to find things I can buy for people that do not have a lasting physical presence though, like food, or paying for them to go somewhere.
  6. Stuff to finish projects (zips, thread, buttons etc.) Note that this does not include stuff to start new projects. Time to use up the stash and get things finished!
  7. Kindle fun reading - but only once I've read the unread books that are around. 

I anticipate that this may save me money, but that's not really the aim. I look around my house and I know I already have most (if not all) that I could possibly need, and shopping for more stuff is just taking up my time and energy. I have enough other things to do, and time and energy are very precious things. 

I'll occasionally post updates on how I'm doing, which should all end up being visible here.