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Fwd: Wakehurst notes

Notes taken on a blackberry and forwarded on an iPod. On low-growing plants for top slope out front.

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From: [email protected]: 13 September 2009 21:42:17 GMT+01:00To: "Ellie Martin" Subject: Wakehurst notesReply-To: [email protected]

Geranium dalmaticum. Very low growing.

Nemesia foetens or osteospermum la mortola.Low growing for outside hedge?

Diascia rupert lambert. Sedum ruby.

Artemisia pedemontana is silver and fluffy.

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Ux Brighton 2

Ux Brighton 2Virtucal slice guyI want to do a phd!Research driven ux.Can't they test the games mechanics?Interface design and ux testing of new interfaces is tricky at both stages.Nice pic of James - sophisticated not normal!'How am I meant to know that' users more sophisticated?Aim of research to mitigate risk? Guess his age? My age, maybe 35.Rent virtucal slice for biometrics? Not for use alone. This is for extra info. Is the observation as good for some games? Yes, physical games! More useful for certain game types.'Big brother' effect works with sensors too.(Interesting that Aegir's twitter pink shows up really well...)(And that I'm not focussed on the talk so much.)Metacritic ?Easy-in might be hrm and a skin thing from amazon.

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Ux Brighton 

Ux Brighton Gigi on kids etc.Itoy? No, eyeToy. How has that been used?This seems to be tying in with Robin's talk. A little.Does it matter what age range? Interesting discussion though.Core usability applies across age group. Ar = augmented reality.Wow, looked like fun.Project natal racist? Not tested with black guy out of lab! Interesting for ubicomp?Need 2 people for home visits- like the hca meetings. Need to brain dump almost immediately afterwards! Like software bug fixing, need to replicate common errors to understand.look up I like turtles...'Observe more than you ask.'

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