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Assignment 2 - Big, open-ended, Flash...

I'm so behind on writing up these lectures. I will catch up. I'm not sure when, but I will.

I definitely need to catch up on last Thursday's. I was ill and missed the lecture. It looks like Assignment 2 (the big one... 75% of the course riding on this baby) was revealed. I have to come up with a large Flash executable (well, I could use Director, but there's little point I think) of my choice.

This is where the constraints aiding design comes in. I've got so many different ideas going on. How to select what to do? I've tried drawing up a quick mind-map thing. I think I want to use mostly content I already have. So photos, blogposts etc. But I want to do some designing, and plan with some fonts, colour and layout bits. And then there's the stuff I learnt about at Flash on the Beach. Particles, sound integration...

I need to go back to Chris Orwig's talk maybe, about condensing and focussing, and do some small stuff really well. Make this something I can keep for my portfolio. Get something consistent and good, rather than lots of little bits mishmashed together.

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