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Terrestrially crazy

Finally got to go and play that inaccessible game I found. It's brilliant! Such a good way to demonstrate the problems. Although you could argue that it goes a little over the top, and makes them too obvious. Still it's a good way to make the guidelines fun. Must have taken some effort to come up with all the different techniques.

My little flash project for cat skinning has taken quite a lot of thought. I've divided accessibility issues into 4 broad categories: cognitive, hearing, visual and movement. I'm going to build levels that cover the first three - I did think of one for movement, but I don't think I'm going to have enough time and it was (perhaps) stretching the metaphor a little too far! I'm also only really simulating the other categories at a very basic level, with the aim of illustrating my point rather than accurately mimicing the disability. 

The theme is cat skinning, because there's more than one way to. But I'm focussing on the getting the cat portion of the problem. (The mobility level was around the actual shaving!)

  1. For hearing problems, I'm going to have a level where you have to play a tutorial dvd on cat skinning. Only problem is your TV is broken, so you don't get any audio. The level ends when the subtitles get turned on.
  2. Cognitive issues. You get to the pet store, but all the animals are loose and moving everywhere. In fact, they run away from your mouse. Until you put food out for them, when they stay still and are easy to catch and cage. The idea was to illustrate how much easier things are when they stay put! The level ends when all the animals are caged.
  3. To illustrate the sight thing, I think the light bulb is going to blow in the pet shop. You still have to find the cat out of the caged animals. I haven't decided whether to make the mouse a torch (tunnel vision anyone?) or use tabs and noises yet. Level ends when you get the cat.

So yeah. A series of mini-puzzles to illustrate some of the problems. I'm going to have static pages of information on the relevent disability too, highlighting the situations that may make us all suffer this disability a little - borrowed from one of the HCCS topics we covered. I also want to cover some sample requirements for the BSA audience. I think I'll make the static pages (and the levels) accessible from a main menu, but also have the relevent static pages available as help pages within the puzzles.

Sounds pretty straightforward. But I'm still pretty new to Flash, so it's taking me a little longer than I'd hoped. I'm learning loads of AS3.0, and getting to draw bits and pieces and hopefully get to a stylish little app too.

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