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Gaming Accessibility

I still haven't had time to revisit this properly, but even just following some of the links on the Seminar comments is pretty good. I've just found a blog for a working group into gaming accessibility, which has some great posts suggesting top three accessibility ideas by game-type. It's the IGDA - Gaming Accessibility Special Interest Group. I find the idea of breaking the games down into different types useful. It's also good that it mentions a lot of difficulties other than a loss of sight, which I think we get a little hooked up on. Things like only having one arm might make a lot of computer games really difficult to use, and even things like RSI or a broken arm could remove the use of the limb. Really good to think around the users a bit more.

There's a link to a Universally Inaccessible game too. Apparently meant to highlight the problems that may face users to games designers. That really strikes a chord with what I'm hoping to do in my MDA coursework, use Flash to create a game with a series of levels to highlight some of the problems that occur.  

More reading to do, but it's a start!  

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