Initial DPhil questions
Monday, October 18, 2010 at 14:15
martian77 in DPhil

So, getting going on day 1 of DPhil! Lots and lots of things to look into and decide about. Looks like there are lots of things I haven't come across before that I'm going to become a lot more familiar with by the end of this. 

We're weighing up whether to code in Java or C++. A bit of hunting seems to imply it's really down to personal preference, there are pluses and minuses to both. I'm leaning towards Java. 

Looking then for Java games engines, I've come across jMonkeyEngine, which seems to be the one mentioned by anyone for ages, and the LWJGL (Light-weight Java Gaming Library) which both seem mature(ish). I guess I need to have a play, but we still have an awful lot to decide about what the game will be like before we get to that. 

Linked to that is OpenGL. This is mentioned all over the place, but I haven't come across it before. Need to investigate further. 

Less linked but important is code repository, document sharing and basic project management types of system. Again, choices between SVN and Git, hosted by the university, hosted on Google Code, or hosted elsewhere for minimal fee. The hosted by Google Code brings up the Open Source thing - how open do we want to be at this stage? Do we want to start privately and open source it later, or is our sponsor completely happy to keep it totally open from the start? Need to look into the various open source licenses to work out what to recommend. 

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