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That was week 102 & 103

I'm getting bad at doing this weekly, huh? Problem is that I'm mostly writing code at the moment, which is feeling quite tedious. That in itself is a problem though, so it's time to show myself I'm a) making progress and b) doing other things too.

I have made a lot of progress actually. Using trello.com I can see that I have created and closed a lot of issues, even if more do keep cropping up. I now have most of a task system in place, and adding a new task type is taking less time each time I do it. There are still a few things to sort out in a general way (e.g. at the moment you can't delete a task you've created, you can only edit it), but the framework into which I can slot my tasks is nearly there. In addition to that I've sorted out one of my long-running "I must sort that" bits, and mouseover texts finally appear on top of everything! Sounds small, but it's important.

I've started getting organised for my next study, for which I'm hoping to use a game that would be taking place anyway. It's now all good to go... If she can find enough players. On the positive side I will get more data from this one, but at the moment we're still 10 players short apparently. Fingers crossed.

The lab meetings started again, and I got the first meeting all written up. Pejman and I tried to sell the rest of the group on trello.com, but there was some resistance. There did seem to be a need to find something to replace the online booking system for the lab though, so maybe at a future meeting we should look at that. 

I do seem to be well at the moment (and fingers crossed I haven't just brought the worst cold eve down on myself), which means I'm bumping up the exercise again. I'm trying not to over-do it, but I think it might help so I probably am pushing it a little. Lots of early nights to balance it I think. Jim has a stinking cold, so I'm desperately hoping I don't catch it!

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