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Weak weekly reviews

Hm. My weekly reviews have gone again, haven't they?

I've been a little busy, a little focused on finishing the code and horribly aware that it hasn't happened yet. In fact, my reaction in our weekly lab meeting when someone suggested attending an event which really does sound right up my research alley (as it were) demonstrates that I'm more than a little tense about it all.

In fact, I'm willing to hazard a guess that that's part of the reason the reviews have dried up. I am desperately not thinking about the work when I get home, and that is normally when I write my weekly review post.

So, what's been happening? I got my second set of data a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had time to deal with it yet. I think that's making me nervous too. What if the data is no good? (By which I don't mean it doesn't show what I want it to, I mean what if it is incomplete or not enough?) I still haven't learnt to use SPSS or any other stats package, or really feel I've gained any insight into which stats tests I should be doing and what they really tell me either, so what to do with the data to process it? I've not done any writing for weeks. I've written a mountain of code, but it doesn't feel like the outstanding amount is diminishing so focussing on what I've done isn't really helping.

The project sponsor (who has no understanding of software development at all) is expecting a game yesterday. That's bothering me somewhat.

And although I'm enjoying the effect of having more organised lab meetings and I'm proud of the lab blog, I'm starting to resent the time and the apparent assumption of the rest of the group that I will therefore organise everything. (I suspect they may not really think that! But no, I will not organise Christmas, and no, I don't have a solution for the lab calendar...)

I've just written a 2-page to do list. With a bit of luck that will at least help me to feel slightly less anxious at any rate. We'll see.

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