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That was week 83

I've decided I'm going to try to do weekly round ups of what I've been doing, just to keep track. I think this is around week 83 of the DPhil, roughly. I think I'm slightly past half way. (Eep!)

This week I have mostly been preparing to run a game of Green Revolution as part of the IDS STEPS programme. Coincidentally it should provide me with 1/4 of my data, so quite a big deal.

Last Sunday I ran a session with 5 friends who knew each other playing the Riener Knizia Lord of the Rings board game. The aim was to get them to play then fill out my questionnaire as a test. I bribed them with ample cake, tea and coffee, which turned out to be a good thing because Sauron got the lot of them around the end of Shelob's lair. It isn't the easiest game to get to grips with. Still, they say they had fun, or at least that the cake was good.

In starting to process the data from that I rejigged a couple of things about my questionnaire that hadn't seemed terribly important when I wrote it. Stuff like question numbers, adding a code for the game. Nothing earth-shaking, which was a result actually.

We had a go at running through the Green Revolution game on Thursday morning. Very useful. Remember to shuffle the cards first! Fingers crossed we've got to grips with it enough, and have enough copies of everything.

On the project I've been trying to get to grips with the data structure for the food and diet allocation side of things. I'm struggling a little bit with player characters vs non-playing characters, both of which need to be fed but reside in different database tables. I'll work it out once I concentrate on it properly.

I put a 2-page WIP paper in to Fun and Games 2012. Fingers crossed!

I met with my supervisor on Tuesday, plenty to be getting on with. I really need to find time to do more writing.

Today we had our lab meeting, where I got people to discuss the sources they use for inspiration and/or keeping up to date. It was quite a good discussion. I checked with my supervisor and I'm going to take responsibility for filling the last 4 lab meetings of term. She nearly bit my hand off! I'm hoping I can draft some other lab members in for a couple of sessions, but I'm going to need to be quite persuasive I think.

The reading group was watching a TED talk this week, Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity. It sparked some interesting discussion.

Possibly stretched the exercising this week, I've been a little tired. Ran 4 miles both Tuesday and Thursday, and cycled around 15 on Wednesday. Fingers crossed a couple of early nights will sort that.

Looking forward to getting Sunday done. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'll be happier when it's done.

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