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That was week 84

This week went by so quickly my head's spinning. Wow.

Sunday just gone I had the first of my 'real' data gathering sessions. We ran the Green Revolution game as part of the STEPS summer school. 16 participants, 1 inexperienced game manager, a similarly inexperienced (and overly nice) banker, and our project sponsor. It was a long, tiring, fascinating day, and that was with our sponsor leading the wrap-up. Really interesting to see the game played, picked up some useful tips for our game, and I got my first set of questionnaires filled out.

Monday I was absolutely wiped out. We had a set of interviews for a lecturer position in the lab (I was only involved as an audience member for the presentations) which somehow seemed to take up the entire day. Probably because I was too tired to really think!

Tuesday I started processing stuff, getting my data into Excel, sorting all the paperwork etc. Not done any stats yet, still reading up and deciding what I'm trying to do. I started writing up about my questionnaire, study design and so on, and found a file where I'd wrote down a lot of that stuff when I put the questionnaire together before Christmas. People say you'll thank yourself if you start writing stuff down early. I'm thrilled with myself! Amazing how quickly you forget that stuff.

Wednesday and Thursday I tried to get back into code writing. I can't finish my studies until that stuff is done! Didn't achieve as much as I'd hoped. Started working on the diet screen, some back end stuff done but not a lot to show.

The week ended on a bit of a high though. We had a Doctoral School BBQ in blazing sun, with a showing of The PhD Movie to follow. Sometimes it's good to have a guilt-free break!

Been a slightly unproductive week I guess, but continuous forward motion has been maintained.

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