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That was week 87

Another unbalanced week! This time it was all about the writing. I submitted a 4-page paper to the HCI 2012 doctoral consortium, so this week has been all about writing that paper. Unlike the last time I submitted to a doctoral consortium, this time I've actually done a study. So the vast majority of this paper was about my playing of the Green Revolution Game and processing a bunch of stats from that.

Stats are proving to be a little thorny. I kind of stopped studying stats after GCSE. All the mechanics options seemed much more useful when I was doing engineering, but my lack of stats is slightly coming back to bite me now! Means and so on were pretty easy to generate from my Likert scale data, but then the inferential stats were more complicated. I decided my data was non-parametric (I know. Plenty of psychology papers seem to disagree, but I just can't believe that Likert scale data is parametric), so ended up doing some nice Kruskal-Wallace tests. In Excel. Because I didn't have time to learn how to do them in SPSS. Fortunately when I was told that was the wrong test for at least one thingummy Katy stepped in and helped me process them with SPSS. The paper got submitted around 5pm on Friday, so I had 6 hours 59 minutes to spare.

Met Judith on Tuesday, and mostly talked about stats!

Got asked if I'd help out with Sussex's Athene Swan application too. I'll need to find out what that's all about.

Had a bit of a problem with Dropbox on Thursday night. The file that I was working on all day showed up as unchanged from the day before when I got home. I'd been intending to do a bit more work, but that kind of scuppered me. With hindsight, the network at Uni had been flakey all day and I should have taken a copy, but honestly I was knackered so an evening off was welcome. Does mean I'll be taking more regular backups though, as it looks like I can't entirely trust Dropbox.

No code even glanced at this week. Still searching for that balance. Maybe next week?

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