Software stocktake
Monday, June 18, 2012 at 10:31
martian77 in DPhil, software

We had a discussion in the lab meeting on Friday about the software we use day-to-day. Liz followed up by talking about all the software she uses, and asking the rest of us what else we've got. I thought I'd have a go here. 

My 'job' falls into two quite distinct categories: writing code and writing/reading sentences. The tools I use follow that split for the most part. I use a Mac all the time now, with some iPad stuff thrown in.

Writing code: 

Writing/reading sentences:


Social Media:


I think that's most of it. There's probably a few bits and pieces other than that, but nothing I use regularly! It'll be interesting to see how and if that changes as I carry on, and compare to other people. 

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