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That was week 88

I am starting to notice with weeks that there is always an excuse as to why I didn't achieve what I'd hoped. This week we have plumbers in ripping out our bathroom, which has meant coming and going at different times to try and let them in or out, plus more cycling than I'm currently used to, and some really irritating network issues even when I'm in the office. So. Not as much done as I'd have liked. Maybe if I reflect on this enough I'll come to terms with it and start a) using the time I do get more profitably and b) getting more realistic with my expectations.

Coding-wise I tried a new tack this week. With Jim out on Wednesday and Friday and Katy off on a well-deserved post-thesis-submission break, I went out for coffee twice this week. I took my iPad, and spent the time offline (deliberately picking spots that I don't think have wifi!) thinking about my code and writing quite specific to do lists. "I need this class creating, it needs this function, this class must call it in this function with this information" and so on. What this meant was I then went back to my desk knowing what I needed to do, and just got on and did it. So I got more done than I have for a while. I do think it only worked quite as well as it did because of the hours I've spent staring at the code so I know the problem inside out, but at least it felt like (pleasant) progress. More next week hopefully.

Writing was still a little sporadic. I started my student report for my annual review, but then hit problems trying to organise a date for the damn meeting. Trying to get three specific academics in the same room at the same time is really hard. I wrote up my thoughts on the Athene SWAN meeting I had on Wednesday, and I followed up on our lab meeting last week a little. So that is writing, just not for a paper.

I didn't make it to Tea at 3 because of the plumbers. The lab meeting didn't happen because apparently I really do need to send out a reminder the day before or no one shows up. (I was irate/disappointed, but I'm over it. I'll eat the cake on Monday.)

No meeting with Judith this week, so I'd better book one for Tuesday.

And that was week 88.

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