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That was week 85

Another week went and flew by.

I spent some time staring at code. The diets and food allocation stuff has had me stumped for a few weeks now, but I think I've made a bit of a breakthrough this week. I wasn't breaking it down into quite small enough chunks. I've got a better idea how to do it now, so there should (hopefully) be more achieved this week.

Writing was sadly neglected again. I really need to work on my balance again. I had it for a few weeks, but it's kind of disappeared again.

Tea at three returned, this time with subsidised cakes. I enjoy catching up (and meeting) the other postgrads in the department and this is a good occasion to do so. I sometimes feel we are right on the fringe of the informatics department, and it's nice to maintain some idea of what the rest of the department are doing. Never know what ideas that might spark.

The last lab meeting (lab links) got blogged, this week's lab meeting (lab member questionnaire design) got done and blogged, and next week's lab meeting (extra long and later than normal) got planned and booked in. So that's ticking along at least.

This weekend has been super long (cheers to the Queen) and I seem to have spent most of it asleep, so that may help. However, it's now only 3 days long, so we'll see how much I get done.

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