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That was week 86

That was a very short week, and I mostly felt a bit rubbish. I spent a large chunk of the long weekend asleep, and Wednesday mostly I wanted to continue with that. Fortunately I perked up a bit on Thursday!

I've been struggling with a chunk of code around diets, food and nutrition for what feels like forever, and this week didn't bring any kind of resolution unfortunately. I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to really rethink my model for assets. I need to subclass an asset class for the various types of assets, like crops, food, crop enhancements etc. They have very different properties and functions, but enough overlap (e.g. People and households own a number of them, the market needs a buy and sell price for them...) that subclassing looks just right. The only problem was the database side. I think I've worked that out with Hibernate though, so it's ok. I'm a little concerned about the overlap between some crops and food, but not all crops and food (horticulture is food, but it's not really a plantable crop!). I'm starting to think I might have to let that slide for now. Might need to check with the sponsor whether people save seed from stuff like tomatoes or just re-buy it every year.

No writing again. Really need to do something about that.

Lab meeting went well, but I need to come up with something for next week. No ideas at the moment. Two more to go!

So yeah, not my most successful week. Onwards and upwards I guess.

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