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That was week 91

A good coding week this week. Diets are now all done bar the deleting, including all the little nutritional graphs and calculations and whatnot. I've not done the deleting because I haven't quite decided whether to properly delete the record from the database, or set a deleted flag and keep the information instead. I think I should probably use the deleted flag, both on that and on diet allocations, so I can get that done Monday afternoon.

A diet (in our game anyway) is only part of the story. The players have to create an allocation of food for the entire family. The allocation screen is next on my list, but as the allocation is basically a collection of diets a lot of the really hard stuff is done already. Hopefully.

I attended my first Athena SWAN meeting. It made me a little irate, which I didn't expect. More research on that required I think.

I completed my annual review documentation and got it all sent out. That happens on Monday, and I suspect I'm going to get some interesting feedback on my methodology. I'm basing that on the discussion I have had with one of my panel members today at the postgraduate poster presentation. Since I don't currently think I have any problem with suggestions (I don't feel particularly defensive about it yet - I may after another couple of studies!) I'm rather looking forward to a stimulating conversation. This may be another case where I'm surprised by my reaction, of course! I'm much less stressed about it this year though. I've been sleeping and everything.

Keeping the exercise ticking over is working well too. I'm slowing realising that my brain might be tired but my body is still ok with a run. So all in all it feels like it's been a busy and productive week.

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