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That was week 89

I felt like I achieved a better balance last week between writing words and code, but we'll see.

I got a poster accepted to Fun and Games 2012, which should (finances permitting) see me in Toulouse for a few days at the start of September. However, chalk it up to experience too - I did use the wrong template (I followed the link on their page, rather than the wording in the text) and just because they accepted your poster doesn't mean you get free attendance. 300€ for the student price feels a little steep, but Pejman assures me it'll be worth it! I need to resubmit my abstract in the correct format.

I think I mostly got my student report written for this year, although the plan makes me feel a little like the Underpants Gnomes. (Step 1: submit thesis, Step 2: ?, Step 3: Get paid in October 2013.) I even managed to get all three academics to agree on a time and place for my review. So just the poster to go, and since I need to do one for Fun and Games I may as well kill two birds with one stone. The post needs to be done by Friday, for printing. Good pressure there then.

Now that the lab meetings are finished we've moved onto a series of 'people' posts, so those are hopefully writing themselves. Gareth was first to respond, so first to be published.

I saw Judith on Tuesday, which was a reassuringly brief meeting suggesting I'm moving in the right sort of direction.

The coding was slightly slowed down by a bit of a computer rejig. I've been having problems with my mac losing its network connection, which is a major problem when your home profile (including lots of application configurations etc) is stored on the network. It could take me 15 minutes to get the thing shut down, because of the force quitting that had to happen. So on Thursday Christian came and moved me to a local profile, with stern reminders to back everything up myself regularly. Moving stuff over seemed to take until halfway through Friday, and then everything needed setting up again. I'm not quite there yet actually. Still, made some progress. (Not enough! Don't panic yet!)

Jim is on holiday for the next two weeks, so I want to achieve stuff to show him when he gets back. We'll see...

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