That was week 92
Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 13:44
martian77 in DPhil, weekly

I've been struggling a little for concentration this week. I'm starting to get a little cheesed off with the bit I'm coding. But I'm making good progress, the diet stuff is pretty much there and the allocation stuff is getting there. Although I'm basically copying stuff that was in the prototype Jim and I code in such different ways that it's actually not straightforward to do. Still, getting there.

I had my annual review on Monday, which I commented on. Very pleased to have got all of that out of the way. Only 3 days later than the deadline too, so as long as my funding is there (it is) re-registration should go smoothly.

I gave myself half of Friday off. It was going to be a reward for finishing the allocation stuff, but I didn't. Hopefully I'll be better for it next week though.

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