That was week 90
Friday, July 6, 2012 at 18:16
martian77 in DPhil, weekly

Another week down, and I've made some good progress on the coding. Got to the stage where you can save a diet, but there are an awful lot more things to do before the nutrition is complete.

Got a poster done for the postgraduate poster show that I have to attend as part of my second year annual review. I'm struggling a little to come to grips with what needs to be done for an academic poster. I think (like everything) I need to work out the audience and then really think about what I want to present and how. I'm reasonably happy with what I've put together, but it will be interesting to see how it looks at A1 size. I also got feedback from my supervisor that I needed more words on it - apparently that's unusual advice but I have "a tendency for brevity"! I quite like that, but clearly need to strike a balance.

Been a quiet week with Jim on holiday. I've been a little tired too. Not sure what that's about! I think I've got all of the paperwork done now for my annual review (barring the stuff Judith needs to do) so that's good.

I really need to push the coding the next few weeks. Basically if I don't get almost all of it done before cricket week (mid-August) I've got a week holiday and 2 weeks (potentially) out at conferences. I need to get to the point of user-testing by the end of September, so that I can gather the right data to aim to be done by the end of my funding. I think this means the attempt at balance will have to go out of the window, and I may have to try for extra hours too. Try and keep the running ticking over, get enough sleep... Challenging, but it's a month to hopefully set myself up for the rest of my time. Worth it. Just got to stay on target.

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