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That was week 95

Again, a fair amount of coding. Not quite as much as there should have been though, due to having to prepare a camera-ready 2-pager for Fun and Games 2012.

I think I made a bit of a breakthrough though. Because of the way our project is, I tend to put the game first and my research second. I couldn't work out why I kept getting feedback about focussing on my research. I finally twigged that the game (in research terms) is just a tool that I'm using to investigate my research question, and not the most important bit at all! The second version felt better, and the third version even had a couple of "yay"s scrawled in the margin by my supervisor. It feels like I might be getting somewhere! (I still have the poster to produce.)

Friday the lab members who are still around went and played table tennis in the sun at lunchtime. It's rather nice to do that occasionally. Helps build the social aspect of the group, and it's not been sunny that much this year, so it's good to enjoy it while we can!

I'm on holiday this week, beyond the reach of wifi and other such things. I'm quite looking forward to "going dark" for a week. :-)

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