That was weeks 93 and 94
Monday, August 6, 2012 at 10:07
martian77 in DPhil, weekly

Whoops, missed a week. 

To be honest, most of the last two weeks have been pretty straightforwardly coding. I finally finished the diets and allocations stuff! Of course we then promptly had a discussion about whether that might not actually be the best way to do it. Gah. 

Next up is the tasks. The family members in the game have to be assigned to do farming tasks like sowing fields, or weeding, and household tasks like gathering firewood, baby-sitting and cooking. Juggling the labour commitments is one of the key aspects of the game, so the tasks are an important section. This could be another long programming stint, and I'm running out of time. 

Sadly I also heard that my BCS HCI 2012 submission was not successful. I'd applied for the doctoral consortium. They don't really seem to have felt that my paper was HCI enough, which could be a fair criticism. I'll be talking over their feedback with my supervisor in a meeting tomorrow. At least I got feedback this time, unlike from DIS!

I do need to finish a camera-ready paper for Fun and Games 2012 too. Be good to get some writing in. 

I didn't really feel well last week (noone in our office did) - sort of a cold without obvious cold symptoms. All the muzziness, not too much snot. Hopefully that is mostly gone now. I have one more week before I'm off on holiday, so I need a big week this week! 

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