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They were weeks 99, 100, and 101!

Eep. That's interesting. 

Week 99 was the Fun and Games conference, mostly. So that week was covered. 

However, the two weeks since have merged into one somehow, or rather week 100 seems to have got lost. I've not been very well - just a chesty cough and sinus infection - but losing a week like that suggests that perhaps I was less well than I was telling myself. I should pay attention to my partner! I do seem to be pulling out of it now; only one side of my head is blocked and I can bend over without serious sinus pain. And that's before the freshers arrived. Ugh. 

I have done a couple of things even so. 

The programming has crawled forward a couple of teeny baby steps. A player can now save a crop-sowing task, and see a list of saved tasks (although it's not entirely pretty). Next up is editing and deleting tasks, and executing the tasks at the end of the season. I have a hard deadline of end of October now, so I need to focus on getting things working even if not as beautiful as they could be. 

I've emailed the person at UEA who I'm hoping will let me get her students to fill out questionnaires after they play Africulture, but I haven't heard back yet. I may need to chase. 

And I'm still thinking about/making notes for my lit review. I just need a couple more hours in each day, and to be well. Not too much to ask! 

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