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Demographic setback

We went down to the library again tonight, and tried to interview some teenage users.

It took some courage, actually. Strange how difficult it is to go up to a complete stranger and ask them for feedback! I'm sure it gets easier with practice, but it took us a while.

We'd just about got there, when a librarian spotted us and asked us if we had permission to talk to teenagers. We'd just sort of assumed. We'd emailed Sara Kirkpatrick to let her know we were going to go down there, but we hadn't waited for a response. We'd sort of figured that since they'd approached us to do a user-centred process they might actually expect us to speak to, well, users.

I'd also forgotten that there might be issues talking to kids. Really silly, given all the fuss we have to go through at cricket with under 18s, but there you go. It's the off season!

Obviously, that was an error on our part. Definitely something to remember in future - always get explicit permission! It wasted our time, and really at the moment we don't have the time to waste. The only useful bit was picking up some of the leaflets aimed at the teens.

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