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Further demographic trouble

We've had a little bit of a setback on our project.

We want to use teenagers. There's so much in the library for them, and so little on the webpage. But after we got asked to get permission to interview them in the library last Thursday, we've had a further knock by being told we can't approach anyone under 16, and because we can't risk accidently asking anyone under 16 their age we're not to ask any teenagers within the library.

Which is an arse. Knew I should have got CRB-checked last season with cricket instead of just self-declaring. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? All that these things prove is that you haven't been caught yet...

Anyway. We have had an emergency group emailing session about this. We've decided that we have enough teenage relatives and friends to continue with the demographic, although obviously this does limit the range of backgrounds etc we'll manage to get.

This is definitely something to bear in mind for future projects! Legislation is important.

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