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Librarian Interview

Well, it took me a while, but I finally managed to get hold of a librarian to talk to! People aren't kidding when they say stakeholders can be hard to pin down. Only managed over the phone, but better than nothing.

It was a bit of a rushed interview - she had to run off to open the library - but I did get some interesting info. It definitely backed up our findings through other methods, in that a lot of the things we are suggesting were things that she had on her wish list. Nice to get some validation on those, to know we aren't coming in from a totally unexpected angle perhaps.

The interview was tricky. I had a list of prepared questions, but due to how short the interview was I had to prune them a lot to get the most relevant information. I think that's a really important thing to remember in future. I'd written them down by area of information, and it would have made it easier to reorder in list of importance. Plus guiding the conversation without trying to be too leading was really hard! It would have been nice to do it face to face, but working in Burgess Hill makes it that much harder to say pop over in a lunch hour to talk.

I can see it's a very useful thing to do, but I can also see how it can get squeezed out of the process! I mean, it would have been good to maybe get some feedback from some of the other libraries too, from the homework clubs maybe, but there just aren't enough hours at the moment!

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