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Library Visit

So I actually went to the library. The Jubilee library in Brighton.

Interesting. They have loads of computers dotted around, some with use limited to certain age groups. Teenagers are pretty well catered for, with a separate area (a long way off from the childrens section) and many computers for their use. There's also a board for reviews from the reading group. The graphic novels are sitting next to a comfy seating area within the 'Young person's library' (ugh - pc... Pretty sure I called myself a teenager, definitely wasn't a 'young person'!). All in all loads to try to get teenagers engaged.

It did sort of remind me a little of the website though. Nice big open space, which made the books (the fiction ones, downstairs) look quite minimal and hapazardly arranged. I'm spotting a theme.

I think I might need to have a quick look at some other library websites, see if there's any kind of consistency to be aimed for...

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