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Looking back

I've been looking through this blog in preparation for handing it in tomorrow. It's really interesting to look back at what we've done, and what my thoughts have been along the way. I feel like I've done a huge amount of background reading, although some of this has been driven by the work project as well as the course, and it's been fantastic the way the two have fed into each other.

I really feel that I have a much better handle on the process of conducting user research now. Which is obviously good, because i'm going to need it to plan what we do for the next 4 months at work! But it's good to feel that some of the frustrations I felt in my last job (where I could see that the software we were producing was wrong and ugly, but had no framework or language to say why or what we should be producing) are going away. I think I have gained an important toolset, and look forward to being able to practice using it.

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