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More standards

I was looking for a standard report format, and guess what? This year ISO have produced a standard for a Common Industry Format (CIF). There's a good site linked to from usability.gov (of course... ) from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology - http://zing.ncsl.nist.gov/iusr/ and ISO have approved it as standard 25062:2006.

This is really good for work. The only catch is that it is aimed at summative testing, rather than formative. So we're going to need to define metrics for testing. That's actually a good plan, as it'll give us a good, repeatable way to compare the proposed design to the current. Nice for feeding back to the stripes, and gives it all a more... ummm... scientific feel (for want of a better phrase!).

It'll be good to be able to tell them we're adhering to ISO standards too. Lends the process more credibility and should give us more ammo against the resistance to change!

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